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Pickleball. Making retirement great!

About Us

   The SCC Pickleball club is a special interest activity group under the umbrella of the Sun City Center Community Association Inc. (CA). The purpose of the Club is to promote and encourage the sport of pickleball by: (a) establishing regulations and procedures for the use of the CA pickleball courts, (b) establishing liaison with the CA to insure proper maintenance and improvement of pickleball facilities, and (c) sponsoring such activities as recreational pickleball play, tournaments, social activities and instruction.


      Membership in the SCC Pickleball Club is open to all current Sun City Center residents who are Community Association members in good standing upon payment of all Pickleball Club member fees. Memberships expire December 31st of each year but are automatically renewed upon payment of fees for the following year.

   Casual, comfortable clothing should be worn to play pickleball, shirts and hard-court shoes are mandatory. Club membership offers many other benefits. For additional information on membership, go to " New Members".

   The SCC Pickleball Club becomes more and more popular with each passing year. Participants benefit from great exercise while having a lot of fun. The residents of Sun City Center, Florida are fortunate to have such an excellent pickleball facility for their enjoyment.


SCC Pickleball Club Fiscal 2022 Board-Approved Budget 

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