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Minto U.S. open pickleball championships
were held April 23-30 in Naples, Florida 

   The U.S. open pickleball championships is the largest pickleball championship in the world with over 2882 players representing 25 countries and 49 states. Sun City Center Pickleball Club was represented by Rick Johnson, Joe Norton, Karen Sellers, Mary Huntington, and Peter and Donna Cabral. The Cabral’s competed in the 60+ age, 4.0 skill level, mixed doubles, competing against teams from Minnesota, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Massachusetts. They outlasted the field winning the gold medal!  Rick Johnson won silver in men's age 70+, skill level 4.0 and Karen Sellers won bronze in mixed doubles, age 80+. Joe Norton competed with Peter Cabral in men's doubles, age 60+, skill level 4.5, lasting deep into 5 matches. Norton and Cabral were losing 7-3 and stormed back to win the match 17-15. Mary Huntington competed in mixed doubles age 75+, skill level 3.0, dominating her first match 11-0, 11-2 before getting rained out in the afternoon.

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