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Pickleball Game Rules

The 2022 USA Pickleball Association official rules are available Here.

A membership application is available Here

The current club bylaws are available Here

The CA is allowing Guests with proper guest pass.



  The Sun City Center Pickleball Club was established in 2001 for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the sport of pickleball in our community by:

  1. Establishing regulations and procedures for the use of the CA pickleball courts. This applies to all users.

  2. Establishing liaison with the CA to insure proper maintenance and improvement of the pickleball facilities.

  3. Sponsoring such activities as recreational pickleball play, tournaments, social activities and instruction.

  The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to establish priorities and controls for fair, efficient and practical use of our pickleball courts and equipment, for the optimum benefit of all club members. The Club is hereinafter referred to as PBC.


  Pickleball Club membership is open to all SCC residents who are CA members in good standing upon payment of all Pickleball Club Member dues. A directory of current PBC members will be posted and maintained on the PBC bulletin board.

  PBC Members - Membership assumes an agreement on the part of each member to comply with these Rules and Regulations. Members are to submit all issues or concerns in writing via mail or email to the PBC Board of Directors. Mailing address is: PO Box 5761, SCC, FL 33571; email address is: All correspondence are held in confidence within the confines of the board of directors.

  SCC Residents - CA Facility usage policy requires all CA Members to have their CA Card, or a digital image of it, in their possession while at the courts. For reasons of safety, those members listed in the Club Directory will not be required to have their CA Card on their person while actively playing. If it becomes necessary, only members of the PBC board or CA personnel can request to see CA cards.

  Guests - The PBC is required to observe the guest policy as set forth by the CA as of 2/12/2014: All guests/visitors over the age of 18 wishing to use the facilities must have a guest pass obtained by a CA member. Guest passes can be purchased in the CA office on the north side. A more detailed explanation of this policy is available on the CA website in the Policy Manual, under Section "VI. Facilities" "Item 6.05 Guests/Visitors" Guests must display their Guest Pass when using a CA Facility.


PROXIES for General Membership meetings (November and March):

  In accordance with club bylaws, club members unable to attend a PBC general meeting can submit a signed proxy. Each proxy will be counted in the total membership attendance for the meeting in order to establish a quorum..


   PBC dues are $27.00 annually, due upon joining the club with a current CA card and completed membership form, which must be verified by a PBC Board Member. Membership expires December 31st of each year. Early membership dues are discounted at $21 (per person) for current members when renewing for the next year. Your check must be received between Nov 1st and Dec 31st in order to receive the discount. All membership renewals must be done by mail to club’s PO Box: SCC Pickleball Club, PO Box 5761, SCC, FL 33571


  PBC clubs hours are: Monday-Saturday, 7AM-11AM and 6-10PM. PBC Club Hours are for the exclusive use of PBC members. During Club Hours, dues-paying PBC members have priority on the courts. PBC members are responsible for guiding their guests through our club’s etiquette and rules. If the courts become very congested, it is up to the PBC member with guests to ask their guest to sit out during peak times until the congestion eases. 

  CA Resident, Open-Play hours are: Monday-Saturday, 11AM-6PM and all day on Sunday. CA members, who do not pay dues to the Pickleball Club, and their guests may use the courts only during non-club hours but must use their own equipment (including balls). During non-PBC member club times, PBC members and guests must share the courts equitably, relinquishing their court after each game for those waiting. Club Balls are for use by PBC members and their guests only.

  Special Events - Additional Club hours may be assigned to PBC members for Club sanctioned events. Scheduled tournaments, clinics and rating tests will have priority on all courts. Repeating events, such as PBC Lessons and Ladders, will have priority on a maximum of 5 courts, maintaining Court 6 for open play when available.

  Rotational-Play System - The PBC utilizes a rotational play system during club hours. During PBC hours those waiting the longest are rotated first in for play in the next game. If your group has finished a game and others are waiting, you must relinquish the court to allow others the opportunity to play. Note: Exception to this rule is during designated skill-based play on courts 5/6, which have their own rotational system on those courts only and remain in the back-seating area.

  Games may be played to 11 points even when others are waiting for a court. During peak usage, it is suggested that 7- point games or rally scoring may be utilized to reduce wait times for courts.

  The last players to leave the courts must ensure all club balls are collected and returned to the storage bin. For example, if there is no one on any of the other courts when you leave, take a look around and pick up stray balls.



  The PBC purchases and provides balls for its members use. For safety reasons to eliminate the risk of falls, take only TWO balls onto the court for game play and remove the both balls when exiting the courts. Leaving balls on the court, in the heat, shortens their use-life.


  Casual, comfortable clothing is acceptable. Shirts and court shoes are mandatory and must be worn at all times. Court Shoes are shoes that are specific to hard-court tennis courts. These shoes are different than those used for other sports, such as running, basketball, baseball, etc.


   Member and guests are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and courteous manner at all times, both on the courts and in the viewing areas adjacent to the courts. Foul language, arguments over points or scores, un-sportsman like conduct, or any other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Club members committing infractions will be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate to the offense by the Executive Board. Said actions may range from verbal warnings to temporary suspensions of club privileges. Repeated violations may result in a movement to ban the person from club membership under provisions already in the club by-laws. Please refer to the Sun City Center Pickleball Club Etiquette Guidelines for further clarification.


   The Executive Boards from each Club, or their designated representatives, will meet periodically to review the assigned usages. They will agree to work together for the best maximum use and enjoyment of all clubs. PBC members are prohibited from transitioning the multi-use court equipment between sport uses. Only CA Maintenance personnel are the only authorized to change the net from volleyball to pickleball and then pickleball to volleyball.


  No skating, skateboarding or bicycles on courts. Chairs are prohibited within gated court areas for safety reasons. Likewise, personal items such as cell phones, additional paddles, extra clothing, pocketbooks, etc. should NOT BE LEFT ON THE PLAYING SURFACE DURING PLAY.

  All motorized vehicles (golf carts, scooters, motorcycles, etc) are prohibited from parking on the grass around the court areas. Please park golf carts, bikes, scooters, cars, trucks, etc in the respective designated areas.

  Rules may be updated at periodic board meetings based upon needs and member input. Failure to comply with these rules or other action deemed unacceptable could result in suspension of playing privileges. It is the responsibility of all members to read all notices posted on the Pickleball Club bulletin board.

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